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The couple’s relationship and strains have been widely publicized as a consequence of their strong political ties.Weiner is a former congressman who represented New York; Abedin is a top aide to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.Then, in October, the FBI said it was reopening its investigation into the private email server of then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.The FBI discovered new emails while looking into Weiner's laptop during the investigation into the sexting case.But she said plenty with her ​$​895​ pair of retro-inspired flowered jeans by city-based designer Alice Olivia: Abedin is not about to go into hiding. Asked how he was feeling, Weiner growled, “I have nothing to say, thank you.” He walked to the Union Square subway station in an orange Mets cap (inset), blue T-shirt, white shorts and sneakers.Her husband, a former Democratic rising star in Congress, emerged from their building on Irving Place near Union Square about three hours later — headed to a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting in the same clothes he wore Monday after his sentencing, a source said. He scampered halfway down a flight of stairs before climbing back up them and appearing to wait for a cab on the street. Using a Metro Card, he finally went through a turnstile, walked halfway through the Park Avenue underpass, stopped and then continued toward the Union Square side staircase.

Weiner first claimed that his account was hacked but later admitted to uploading the photo. Just a couple of months after Weiner announced he was running for mayor of New York City, screenshots of an alleged conversation between Weiner and another woman emerged. Weiner, at a news conference a few days later, admitted to sexting.ANTHONY WEINER SCANDALS: FROM POLITICS TO SEXTING CASES In September, a 15-year-old girl told The Daily Mail that Weiner had sent her lewd messages.After hearing about the allegations, the FBI opened an investigation into the former congressman.Weiner and Abedin, who tied the knot in 2010, have a 5-year-old son, Jordan. Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty today to transferring obscene material to a minor.

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This was at Martha’s Vineyard at a Democratic National Committee retreat.

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