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I don't even recall locking the doors when we went on vacation to the state parks. The town elected to take his property over at a low price and he was quite mad. We leased some offices on Burbank Blvd and had avocado-colored business cards printed (1966).

Especially when that property became part of the current high rise Holiday Inn. In 1958 we moved up to San Jose Avenue below Kenneth Road. The offices had funny pink tile in front so we painted the whole front of the building avocado.

On several occasions, I walked barefooted in the Burbank wash all the way to Glendale. I had a special hiding place down under the tracks on the Empire railroad bridge.

I met and talked with lots of hobos in the "open space" down past the Empire railroad bridge.

I remember the old drug store and Spector's market (today a Dollar Store).

Ralph's at the corner of Buena Vista and Victory came in where Jeffery's Barn used to be.

Everything grew so fast in the Los Angeles area that I have no home to go back to.

I don't think it closed until some time after WWII.

I don't remember the last time I went there but it must have been after the war.

I actually thought I lived in the country when I was a boy.

Even as a boy I never liked all the industry around Burbank.

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And, after all, the web site is named "Burbankia," right? In World War II we had a still-vacant lot on the corner, so the government induced us to allow a good-sized anti-aircraft gun bunker on the property.

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