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Proponents of the bill argue that the current laws encourage those receiving support to never remarry and to not seek work even when they are fully capable.Opponents to the bill argue that it will hurt those who truly deserve support.The highest income reported by Waldorf during the marriage was 7,000 before taxes according to Eden.In most years Waldorf made ,000 to 0,000 before taxes.In late October a small protest was held outside the courthouse.Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director, of DADS (Dads Against Discrimination) is hoping to garner support for Waldorf on Friday, Dec.7 when a judge will again hold a hearing to determine how much Waldorf must pay to be released.Waldorf, who divorced his wife of 11 years in 2011, was ordered to pay ,000 a week in alimony to his ex. In addition he was ordered to pay ,300 in child support.

Massachusetts became the most recent state to update its alimony rules to bring them in line with modern circumstances.It now also appears Waldorf has lost his job because of his jailing.Meanwhile, Waldorf’s ex-wife, who is disabled, has been getting nothing, all while taxpayers are footing the bill to feed and house him as long as he remains in jail.Changes would not be made if court determines the change in circumstance was deliberate on behalf of the payee in an attempt to evade the support obligation or no reasonable efforts were made to get a new job. The senate version was referred to a second committee.No action has been taken by either body since then.

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