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Once you connect SMS to Messenger, you’ll be able to send Facebook Stickers as well as images, videos and audio as text messages.

SMS can also appear and be answered through Chat Heads, the Messenger feature that overlays chat bubbles atop other apps you’re using.

We're happy to say NZDating members now have the choice to expand the layout to use more of this space - find this option in the 'Settings' menu, under 'Site Settings' The new NZDating website adds a huge number of new features for NZDating Gold Members - some subtle, and others that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without them!

It began eliminating Chat in the main Facebook app in 2014, only offering it in the Messenger companion app.

Then earlier this month, it stopped letting people chat from its site.

Even though it looks similar, rest assured a lot has changed behind the scenes, and regular visitors will have already noticed significant improvements and new features feature If you are serious about finding a long term special friend or partner we have added a great new FREE way to ensure others who feel the same way can more easily find you - while those less serious will also easily see why you're on NZDating.

If this suits you, have a look at NZDating's new 'Looking For Love' programme Free Membership ('Silver') - For members with 'non-free' nz email addresses: Whilst there is no question that free email services (such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo mail, etc) do contain honest and caring members, it is a fact that 99% of all abuse comes from such members.

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However, you’ll only be able to send money, GIFs, make Vo IP voice and video calls, or use third-party apps for ride-sharing and more inside actual Messenger threads.

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