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Although many persons who have disabilities have experienced discrimination, each individual reacts differently to those experiences.

Moreover, each person assigns a unique meaning to disability, depending on the nature of impairment, the quality of social support and life demands (Olkin, 1999b; Olkin & Taliaferro, 2005; Vash & Crewe, 2004).

Accordingly, although our Guidelines apply to persons with all types of disabilities, including mental health, we emphasize issues of disability arising from the impairments which are less known to psychologists, such as mobility, sensory, communication, and neurological impairments.

We also focus on environmental factors that influence all disabilities and accommodations that mitigate them.

Above and beyond their experiences, persons with disabilities have their own life experiences and, like everyone else, their own personal characteristics, histories, and life contexts.

To work effectively with people who have disabilities, psychologists need to become familiar with how disability influences a client’s psychological well being and functioning.

Nonetheless, many people with disabilities continue to encounter both blatant and subtle discrimination in employment, housing, education, recreation, childrearing, health care, and mental health services (e.g., Banks & Kaschak, 2003; Kirschbaum & Olkin, 2002; Raphael, 2006; Schriner, 2001; Smart, 2001; Stapleton, Burkhauser, & Houtenville, 2004; Waldrop & Stern, 2003; Woodcock, Rohan, & Campbell, 2007).

Leigh, Ph D (Gallaudet University, Washington DC); Elina Manghi, Psy D (Adler School of Professional Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois); Izabela Z.

Geisinger, Ph D (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska); Kay Kriegsman, Ph D (independent practice, Bethesda, Maryland); Irene W.

In 2007, the Council of Representatives allocated ,500 from its 2007 discretionary funds to support two additional Task Force meetings.

No other group or individual contributed financial support, and no Task Force members or their sponsoring organizations will derive financial benefit from approval or implementation of these guidelines.

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