Eight phases of dating

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Eight phases of dating

It starts off with infatuation and goes through several stages along the way.

Note that I said “research” and not “stalking,” because you're doing this all in the name of science! Anyway, it’s time to comb through their various profiles and look for red flags like girlfriends, wives, ex-girlfriends, sexist or racist memes, bad taste in music — you get the picture.

Oh my god, someone finally broke down and expressed their feelings! Pictures are being posted and relationship statuses are changing. This is an exciting time for the two of you to connect (multiple times per day, if you know what I’m sayin’).

You have a conversation about what you both want, realize you're on the same page, and delete your dating profiles. This is the time where you introduce them to your parents, you meet theirs, and they become your go-to person for just about everything. Just maybe try your very best to not make all your friends feel like outliers. Falling in love can be so simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting.

It is one of the scariest and most amazing feelings you'll probably ever feel. Check out the entire Gen Why series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

Embrace it, and remember to be present in every moment.

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This is the first real test of your chemistry and whether or not your personalities match.

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