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Family home evening lds dating

There are four cards that I made for the beginning of the group.

The first card will be the temple one, on the back of that will be the disclaimer.

When all the candy is gone from the pile, or at the end of a designated playing time, whatever candy you do or do not have, is what you get.2. Draw It Out: Everyone picks a name of a family member and tells no one. They must, as a team, turn the blanket over without touching the floor, if they touch the floor they must straighten out the blanket and start over. 20 small treats (M&M's raisins, etc), 20 toothpicks, a die and 1 large treat (candy bar, bag of licorice etc). If it is a treats the player can eat it, if it is a toothpick, the player keeps it in a pile. The player with the most toothpicks wins the large reat.7. Know your Standard Works: The leader calls out the name of a book from the standard works and the family names the particular works from which it comes. The remaining group has to figure out the scripture.13. When a child catches it, they must name a prophet (ancient or modern). Scripture Baseball: Prepare ahead signs that say 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Home, Pitcher.Put them in a pile in the middle of the circle of chairs so that everyone can see them. You have to roll a double, 7, or 11 in order to choose a candy bar from the pile.When you roll a double, 7, or 11 you can choose a bar from the pile, or you can take a candy from whoever has the one you want.Please share your ideas in the comments section below! Buy several candy bars, enough for the family plus some extra. Everyone shakes the dice into the pie plate when it comes to them.

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Remember, only 19 weeks and each FHE is focussed on lessons from the pamphlet titled "For the Strength of Youth".

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