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Gilyeat dating

"They want to believe that it has been made up or planted in order to hide something more interesting or that we're not supposed to know about."There is a conspiracy theory paranoia about it." Queen's entourage Edward de Vere was born on 12 April 1550 at Castle Hedingham, the seat of the Earls of Oxford.Oxfordians support the idea of a conspiracy of silence over the authorship of The Bard's plays, whereas supporters of the mainstream view, or 'Stratfordians', often see this as little more than paranoia."One of the most disturbing aspects of the whole debate is the way the anti-Stratfordians are silenced," claimed Dr Michael Egan, editor of The Oxfordian."There are aspects of Oxford's life which are reflected otherwise in the plays," Dr Egan continued.

He was part of one of the premier bloodlines in England, second only to the monarchy."There isn't any real attempt to confront the arguments."There's just a general mocking and ridiculing strategy - what I call arguing by adjective… "ridiculous, absurd" and so on… whereas in fact there's some very suggestive and interesting pieces of information that need to be factored in there.Proponents of the "Oxfordian" view over the years include heavyweights such as Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles.Even the likes of RSC alumni Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir John Gielgud have expressed interest in the theory and the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition boasts an impressive list of signatories in its Declaration of Reasonable Doubt.

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"He didn't get either of his degrees by the normal academic process," claimed Professor Alan H.