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Interoffice dating policy

One individual in the relationship can be transferred to another department if a relationship is established.

(Of course, maybe they were — I was eighteen at the time — Human Resources… )My point is that workplace romances can work – IF the employees involved are responsible and respectful of their workplaces and IF the workplaces communicate their expectations. Let me tell you from experience —1.) They Can’t be Between a Supervisor and an Employee Both of us were low on the totem pole – no worries there. There is just no way this can end well.2.) Distance is Good While each company can determine their own preference when establishing an interoffice romance policy, it’s best if those involved are not in the same department.In healthcare, it may be even more, given that most medical practices are less formal.Additionally, results have proven that a romance between a physician and an employee hurts practice productivity and may mean significant financial risk if there is a contentious breakup.The Dark Confessions of a Human Resources Professional Before I proceed any further on the subject, I feel that I have a confession to make — I met my husband at work.It’s with a very cheeky pride that, when asked where I met my husband, I reply that I got him at Sears (lifetime guarantee, right? I have no idea if they had an interoffice romance policy on dating in the workplace, though I’m sure a corporate entity such as Sears did, this particular unit was a lot of college kids working their way through school.

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Once the employee transferred, the relationship ended. I don’t like to think of other scenarios that another employee could have seen and complained about, etc.

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