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Although he was too young at that time to know the birds and the bees he noticed girls were different and suddenly I was a girl and not just his aunt.

Interesting enough, even at a young age, his privates, as he called them, seemed large for his body.

I was frozen as I stood outside of his door listening and imagining. I stammered that I just got home and tried to play it off but my red face gave it away.

I was soon shocked; he emerged from his room fully nude with a towel in his hand and a bright red penis with a distinctive curve sticking up at a 45-degree angle. There I was staring at him standing nude in the hallway not able to keep my eyes off of his extremely thick 9-inch bright red penis that was sprouting from a thick tuft of dark pubic hair and still had cum oozing out of the slit on its large oversized purple head.

I was so relieved when he agreed to stay with me again his second year that I made the third bed room a study area for him and switched his single bed for a double bed.

I even added a second full bath to my room so that it gave him his own bathroom.

He called me a lot that summer just to say hi and tell me about his job at the local hospital and when he didnt call me I called him.

My sister was clueless but I was starting to realize I was thinking of him more than a normal aunt should.

With a few exceptions I did well and so did he but his habit of peeing and not closing the door gave me ample opportunity to accidently see that his male member was still indeed very large.Tom was typically my shadow when I was around him while his brother was a total terror.I could have trusted him with any secret and he always looked up to me.Girls always find him cute and irresistible but he is shy which also adds to his charm.Before I moved north 3 years ago, I would watch Tom and his older brother when my sister would travel.

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