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Mbam error updating 12016

I am having a number of events that seem to be located repeatedly with the source: Distributed COM Event ID: 10010 and Event ID: 10016 also getting repeatedly Service Control Manager Event ID: 7031 Those are the Errors I have gotten about 900 times since Wednseday repeatedly I have a few warning but they all Task Scheduler and others that I am not as concerned about as those two Any solutions? When you look @ the Event Viewer description there is a CLSID and an App ID involved.

Event id 7031, you will have to wait until M$ provides a fix it happens during shutdown and its Sync Host session, I have the same. You will have to open regedit with admin rights, navigate to HKey Classes Root\CLSId and when you find the id in question, right click then Permissions and temporarily change owner from Trusted Installer to Administrators. Now open Component Services, Computer, My computer, DCOM config and find ( from the Registry keys above) the Description, it should be Runtime Broker, at least it was for me, if it's other then do it for the exact Component service, right click then Properties then Security tab, then open the Launch and Activation permissions Edit button and depending on the Event Viewer description if it's Local Service or System, click Add, add one of the two and enable the box " Local Activation".

I looked in event viewer and I'm getting loads of errors, the same over and over.

one is that keeps coming up is kernel-power event id 137 The system...

Cleanest event log ever and no Net* services in the services app.

Do not forget to use your security descriptor for MSLLDP driver since I guess there can be some rare cases when its different for your machine. Hello, Event Viewer is showing the following errors: The User Data Storage_Session1 service terminated unexpectedly. The following corrective action will be taken in 10000 milliseconds: Restart the service. This appears to be a general issue with windows 10, I always get the following errors on shutdown: The VMware Workstation Server service terminated unexpectedly. The following corrective action will be taken in 60000...

hi guys managed to install windows 10 and everything seems to be working great.

In the Options box, click Show to enter the tenant ID. [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\One Drive\Block Tenant List] "1111-2222-3333-4444" (where "1111-2222-3333-4444" is the tenant ID) To specify a list of allowed organizations instead, use "Allow syncing One Drive accounts for only specific organizations." This setting will NOT work if you have the policy "Allow syncing One Drive accounts for only specific organizations." enabled. This policy lets you control whether One Drive Files On-Demand is enabled for your organization.

Files On-Demand helps you save storage space on your users' computers and minimize the network impact of sync.

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Now I notice that All Application Packages has same permissions as admin so not sure if I should go on with rest of steps you all gave me Also should i pay much attention to the warnings? Also have an old but important XP SP3 machine still running - Optiplex 755 Desktop w 4GB RAM and 500 GB Momentus XT hybrid HD-SSD.