Mexican blanket dating

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Mexican blanket dating

She’s from Pittsburgh originally — it’s where her show is taped and where she still lives part of the year — and that cheerful, nothing-is-too-precious nature oozes into her decorating style.“The reason I didn’t use bright white in here was because I didn’t want this cabin to feel modern,” she said.

“I actually made it look older than when I bought it.”And it was never young. In the sixth grade, she told her mother their kitchen was too dark. Ford, the kitchen cabinets looked “1,000 percent better.”Ms.

Please contact TC with any questions regarding this pattern. *Note: I used all my scrap yarn that I had left over and alternated it with black.

On her HGTV show, “Restored by the Fords,” Leanne Ford paints everything white, so it’s no surprise that her tiny, early 20th-century four-room cabin in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles would be white. Ford is a host of the show, along with her brother, Steve Ford, a carpenter with a dry sense of humor and a penchant for wearing a backward baseball cap.

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Please see the tutorial pictures above or email the content manager if you have any trouble with this pattern. This colorful crocheted afghan was kindly contributed by designer TC. The color combinations are endless and this is a fun afghan that can be created in any size from baby or crib size up to a king size blanket! (Worsted medium 4) Gauge: 2 hdc2tog = 1 inch (2 sets of stitches equals 1 inch) Key: CH = chain HDC = half double crochet HDC2TOG = half double crochet 2 together SL ST = slip stitch CC = change color YO = yarn over SK = skip Pattern: With J hook: Ch 150 (Works Head To Toe) Row 1: Yo, draw up loop in first stitch, sk 1 st, draw up loop in next st, yo through all 5 loops, ch 1 for eye, sk st, *yo, draw up loop in same st as last group st, yo, sk 1 st, draw up loop in next st, yo through all 5 loops, ch 1, sk st, repeat * across, ch 2. Row 2: Yo, draw up loop in first stitch, yo, draw up loop in next eye (ch 1 space from previous row) through all 5 loops, ch1, *yo, draw up loop in same eye, yo, draw up loop in next eye through all five loops, ch 1, repeat from *, ch 2. If you are unsure how to make a hdc2tog you may want to visit this tutorial.

Essentially you are creating a hdc2tog pattern with a skipped stitch or "space" in between the two parts of the finished hdc2tog. Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate Materials: Sizes J & I crochet hooks; About 50 oz of assorted Red Heart 100 percent acrylic yarn. Border: With I hook: Single crochet for 3 rows, 3 sc in each corner. Enjoy Special Pattern Note: When the pattern calls for [Yo, draw up loop in first stitch, sk 1 st, draw up loop in next st, yo through all 5 loops] you are essentially creating a hdc2tog stitch with a space in between the two hdc's.

Russ, the owner of Mexican is with us and he’s explaining how some of these same beautiful, vibrantly colored blankets, hoodies and serapes came to be sold by his company, back in the good old USA. He had launched Sunshine back in 2009 and offered, in addition to yoga mats, Mexican blankets.

The pair isn’t one that we’ve seen pop up at too many US spots so far, but Nike is indeed listing that they’ll got on sale this Saturday.

The sneaker comes across as very open about the relationship between basketball and lifestyle sneakers, establishing a formal connection between those two categories.

Old stairways dating to the 1890s climb the wild grass- and cacti-covered hills. Yet the cabin’s interior, and the entire open backside of the space, are painted Shoji White down to the hardware in a bedroom, the exposed beams in the living room, the doors, the walls, the unfinished, splintery cabinets and the shelves. She pulled arugula from her glossy white Smeg refrigerator.

In certain light, Shoji White looks like an aged book page. But her obsession with white isn’t limited to paint. Her oven backsplash was salvaged ivory-color tile and the countertops a milky onyx.

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