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With five months to go in FY 2008, this is a strong start. Citizenship and Immigration Service 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, D. This significantly reduces our confidence in the system.

We plan to continue implementing process improvements and new reporting mechanisms for managing these important applications. ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1221181573&sr=1-2 ***************************** TO The Honorable Emilio T. Thus, I am sending you this letter with a book as a symbol of protest and with the hope that USCIS will deal fairly with all the applicants as per the rules and regulations.

-Anjuits generally the case, where these loan officers doesn't understand the Immigration process. I would suggest to give them a copy of I-140 approval. Good part is, the Underwriters generally know about the immigration process and would take 1-140 approval doc as a valid doc. All vote counts in the senate are relative, never absolute.

Simple passing of a vote requires 1/2 of the votes and cloture motion requires 3/5 of the here at

lonedesi, Much as I'd like to participate in this campaign, it's the employer's signature that I can't guarantee.

My employer is a big and prestigious (supposedly) company and will not want to sign this petition or do anything against the counsel of the attorney.

For most of the ones who applied, I don't think we will see the dates move much in the near future... Lets get together folks and try to get some answers from DOL and USCIS , dont sit back and relax .. Some may be worried to reveal identity ordering online .buy 14 math books from local book store(or dollar store) and send 5 books to USCIS , 5 to DOL , 2 to TSC , 2 to NSC with name " GC aspirant from India or China" you guys think ? Still some lingering doubts in my head::))) So, has anyone started working on EAD for their/or spouse's LLC? USCIS scrutinizes H1s from startups/small companies. They might ask you to prove Ability to pay and if the company is still in it's infant stage, this might be difficult.

Its for every one ..get some thing kicked off Stop Worrying ... shall we kick this off this week end with differnt message to each one of them involved ? Don't know Why cant I work on my H1B instead( for my spouse's company )? Do we need to submit any tax docs( for the new company I would be moving to) when we apply for the AC21 or at any later stage??

But I still feel we are not requesting TSC to expedite our cases.

The attorney is not gaining anything by expedited processing of the I-140 and won't support this either.

He's an AILA member too, if that's of any significance.

I have seen someone posting threads on IV tax filings (some disgruntled member for sure ) and those getting deleted within few hours....

There was also thread on the need to pass on the immigration torch to the next generation to take it further..this is a good start if the core committee can be elected perhaps once in 2 yrs or something and any core team member wanting to re-election goes back and compete with someone who feels they can do a better job.

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from what i have gathered it seems that if USCIS issues a RFE or calls u for interview during adjucation they might ask for 2 yrs of tax filings of future employer to prove that it's an established company (although they are not suppposed to bring up 'ability to pay' issue which is already covered in approved 140 -- but being USCIS anything goes...).