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Posted by / 25-Jul-2017 13:45

The app basically gives full functionality that viewing your friends list on the PS4 does, aside from party chat and game invites.

Note that for messaging, you will need the separate PS Messaging app.

This is a feature that I’ve personally used a number of times as I meet new people to game with.

That conversation seems almost real, in all cases talks about how they’ve got time on their hands, still in university and enjoying time off with friends.

What happens if the conversation continues is the user will invite them to view “live cams” – Live Cam sites are porn websites where people strip and perform sex shows on camera.

More troubling is the recent rise in messages being sent – unsolicited – to Xbox users.

These users are entering random user names, or finding the usernames online, and sending a private text message via the Xbox platform to start a conversation.

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