Regular expression for validating numbers only in javascript

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Regular expression for validating numbers only in javascript

Should we decide that a regular expression is sufficient – and remember, there are issues – then we can use the Masked inputs are a common technique for restricting user input or providing hints as to the expected format.

But again, unless you can be confident that numbers will always be for a particular country, it’s very difficult to cater to international variations.

The countries library contains a bunch of geographical information which includes international dialing codes.

Here is an excerpt from As you can see, this demonstrates that Austria uses the international dialing code 43. Well, using the magic of Lodash (or Underscore), there are a few ways in which we can query dialing code-related information.

We can look up the countries which use a particular dialing code: /** * Gets the dialing codes for a given country * * @param string country The two-character country code * @return array An array of strings representing the dialing codes */ get Codes : function(country) You’ll find these functions packaged up as a module, along with unit tests, in the repository that accompanies the article.No longer was the number of telephone numbers required largely limited to the number of households, but many times over.The continued strain on the pool of available numbers can only increase the likelihood of further changes.For example if you operate in a single country, and telephone numbers are captured to be used by a human operator, you might not need them.But for anything remotely automated – such as sending SMS messages – or to validate them effectively, you’ll need to capture the country prefix.

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Names aren’t as straightforward as they sound, but provided you cater for edge cases and international variations – for example patronymics, the mononymous, or even just people with hyphenated surnames – you can’t go too far wrong (although plenty of applications and services do! Email addresses, while theoretically very easy to validate, have their own challenges – yet nevertheless, there are plenty of regular expressions in the wild that aren’t quite right. All sorts of external factors can have implications for telephone numbering.