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Silverstripe includes not updating

If I keep a regular view for my SELECTs, I'll be asking the server to make tons of calculations every time someone needs to know how many items are on stock for product "A", instead, I'll have all SELECTs towards the "materialized View" with correct SKU, Store and Period indexes.

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I tried:create view v1 as select * from t1 JOIN (select * from t2 where ...) USING (id) where ..which gave me the "subquery in FROM clause" error.

Solution/work around:create view v2 as select * from t2 where ...;create view v1 as select * from t1 JOIN v2 USING (id) where ...(example above is an overly simplified version of what I did for demonstration puposes).

Since My SQL currently doesn't support materialized views, here is simple way to simulate materialized views that consists on creating a static table and a robust updating script.

The tipical command for creating a normal view is: CREATE VIEW my_view AS SELECT In order to create the equivalent to a materialized view you create a table with the same name instead of a view.

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(20 Selects for every Update or Insert)I hope things go as smooth as I'm planning.