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The primary purpose of this site is to gather and disseminate information about early lugged, steel-framed road bikes made by the Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wisconsin.

It was a level above the 520, but because it was short lived and no longer in production, it is not as familiar to potential purchasers.A similar steel lugged frame is not currently available except from a custom framemaker.In my opinion, these framesets and bikes will only increase in value over time.The Columbus tubing, racing geometry, and fastback seat stays were characteristic of this model (not to be confused with the later bikes from the mid-80s having cast socketed seat lugs in fastback form).Another special feature is the three holes, of increasing size, in the top of the seat lugs and head lugs.

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Trek made a total of 7929 720 and 728 bikes and frames (number calculated by Mitch Hawker). The 520 touring bike first appeared in 1983 and probably has made more trans-America crossings than any other bike model.

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