Updating firmware on magic jack

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Updating firmware on magic jack

The best thing to do is wait a few days, leave the device plugged into a wall outlet overnight, and let it complete whatever system behavior is necessary.After a night or two things usually behave normally again and performance is often better, and often this fixes battery life problems too.When a major software update arrives on your device, i OS will re-index everything for Spotlight, Siri, Photos, and perform other background tasks.This can lead to the feeling the device is slow because of the increased background activity being performed.A common troubleshooting trick is to backup a device to i Tunes or i Cloud, then restore i OS. Using i Tunes with the device connected to the computer, you then choose to “Restore” the device.This can sometimes fix obscure performance issues, and if you contact Apple to troubleshoot a device they will likely want you to perform this action as part of their process. Or you can choose to Restore directly on the device itself and select either i Cloud or i Tunes backup to restore from.Generally speaking it’s a good idea to have 10% or more free storage available.So if you have a 32GB device, then having 3 GB of free space or more is desirable.

This is nice for multitasking quickness, but it can also lead to a hit in system performance.i OS uses various visual effects which look snazzy but require more system resources to draw and render properly.Disabling those system user interface visual effects can improve performance, or at least the perception of improved performance by disabling the animations.Transparency and blur effects are scattered throughout i OS, from the Dock, to Control Center, to Notifications panels, and more.They look nice, but rendering those blur effects can use system resources and make things feel sluggish sometimes.

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Using a plain or simple wallpaper originating from a small file size image can help to speed things up sometimes.