Updating htc windows mobile

Posted by / 26-Mar-2017 19:59

We might need to do what is called an Alternate Factory Data Reset, try not to panic when I tell you that we are going to need to erase all the information from the unit. It could be a corrupted file, a glitch in the software, a virus (viruses are not common but they do happen), most likely something picked up online or through a bad app.

The worst part of this issue is that you can’t get into your phone which means that we can’t backup texts, can’t backup apps, the Call log etc.

Now don’t worry your contacts including your names and phone numbers are saved on your Gmail account.

If the HTC phone hangs or gets locked up or frozen again and still won’t let you power the phone off then let it drain once again and then charge it for a little bit and while it’s OFF but with a bit of a charge try the troubleshooting below.If this has happened to you don’t fret, there is hope.Now we might be able to fix this issue but let me stress that this is a PROBLEM, an uncommon, inconvenient and sometimes hard to fix problem, but this article should get you on the right track and will give you a good advantage when trying to fix a frozen HTC cell phone.Make sure that the power key on your phone is not stuck or pressed in by a protective case.Wont power off – frozen phones can be stubborn, and if you cannot power the phone off at all then this might be one of the only times that it would be appropriate to allow the phones battery to drain to zero, charge the phone a bit and then attempt to power the phone on again.

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