Validating uml models and ocl constraints g6lite not updating saves

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Validating uml models and ocl constraints

These UML model associated with OCL needs to be verified to check whether it meets the user requirement or not.So, Coloured Petri Net (CPN) is used for model checking.— Unified Modelling Language is the standard language for modelling the software architecture of a large scale application system.It makes a blueprint for the construction of software design.These constraints are invariants which are described by Object Constraint Language (OCL).

It is a modelling language but not directly executable.

UML class diagrams define the attributes and behavior (operations) of the class in the system.

UML class diagram lacks in providing precision and unambiguous detail which are the relevant aspects of the specification.

The most important diagram i.e., UML class diagram addresses the static structure of the system.

It defines the attributes and behavior (operations) of the class.

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The different UML diagrams such as use case diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, state chart diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams etc.

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