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Each game will have specific training modes." Icaros' launch model is now available for preorder at a price around €7,500 (US,200) before VAT and shipping.

The package includes everything but the smartphone - the fitness machine, controller, Samsung Gear VR headset and access to the app. Icaros is aiming the current model primarily at businesses like gyms and hotels, but it has mentioned the possibility of a home machine later down the line.

"We are currently working on an air pursuit game, an air race game and a tutorial, which hones the pilot's skills," Schmidt tells us.

"Our goal is to provide at least four additional games in 2016, which will include a motorcycle race, an air fight, a multiplayer air race and a submarine obstacle run.

The only thing that you might have to plug in is an Oculus-connected computer.

When using the Samsung Gear VR, however, the Icarus app runs on a smartphone, so the whole system is wireless and battery-operated.

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The wireless gaming system includes a handlebar-mounted control unit that tracks movements and connects with the game running on a PC or smartphone.

Flip the virtual reality headset down (the system works with both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets) and you're transported into a digital world where you can fly and float with ease.

It's also working to hammer out a rental system and distribution framework.

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Icaros' idea of virtual reality fitness goes well beyond those predecessors and beyond other forms of exercise gaming with virtual reality headsets.