Wpf treeview observablecollection not updating biblical approach dating

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Wpf treeview observablecollection not updating

Depending on how we build our UI, we may be introducing a memory leak by doing this…

WPF creates a strong global reference to the UI element that is declared in XAML if it uses the x: Name directive.

Next, we can remove the binding by destroying the control and then taking a snapshot using dot Memory.

We would expect our collection to be removed from memory, yet if we look at the snapshot overview we can see a WPF collection binding leak had been detected.

After clicking he button that removes our control, we can capture a snapshot in dot Memory.

The snapshot overview has an automatic inspection for x: Name leaks and will tell us our control remained in memory.

Dynamically removing an element from code will not remove the control from memory…

Under Key Retention Paths, we can easily identify which type’s event handler retains our object in memory: the . But imagine this is the first time we see the code base, how do we know where we are subscribing to this event handler?And if we profile the application, we will see this as well.After running our application and making a large number of changes to a textbox’ contents, the dot Memory snapshot overview could show a large number of and try focusing on other dominators if the allocations are too excessive.First of all, we want to make sure our snapshot was captured collecting creation stack traces (can be enabled in the profiler options).From the Key Retention Paths diagram, we can now double-click the constructor.

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