Yours sincerely dating

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Yours sincerely dating

However no such rules exist for emails, and using either of these valedictions would seem quite stuffy and overly formal.

I'd use them only (if you wished to use them at all) in formal, written correspondence.

To go along with my previous suggestion that we start pushing great 1920s British slang, I propose we bring back "I remain your faithful servant, [name]." Just imagine how thrilled your editor would be to see THAT closing on your email!

All this shows that I am (once again) hopelessly out of date.

Sure, the plot is hokey, but when you throw in the great music, the beautiful Warnercolor photography, and Liberace's showmanship, you have a fun, winning combination.

I was quite surprised that Liberace could actually act.

"Yours sincerely" looks rather formal on a computer screen, "cheers" can look pretentious if you're not British, all those x's and o's are great for friends, but not, say, the editorial director of your publishing house. But not for business.) I was raised to close with "Yours Sincerely" when the letter was to someone I knew and the more formal "Yours faithfully" at the end of a business letter. And you were supposed to start "Dear Sir or Madame" if you didn't know who it was.

I find myself falling back on the variations of "All best wishes" — which I don't love, but seems serviceable at least. "Thanks" is good, and I often use that, but there are times it can't stand alone. ) I put "with much affection." "All best" is one I often use...can't go wrong with that. It all seems so cumbersome now.always use: "Yours".

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The formal rule, at least in Britain, is that if you're writing a letter to a person whose name you don't know, you start with "Dear Sir or Madam", and you end with "Yours faithfully".

If you do know the name, you start with "Dear Mr X", and end with "Yours sincerely".

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What term should be used and under what circumstances when writing email these days?

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